Snow Plows

Light pickups and SUVs are generally limited to Homeowner/Residential plows (7 ½ width and below, polymer or steel moldboards).

Commercial grade plows (7 ½ width and above) generally require ¾ ton trucks (Ford F250, Chevy/GM 2500, RAM 2500) and above.

Front axle ratings, engine size, cab size and bed lengths will determine how heavy of a plow can be installed.


Link to Fisher Snowplow website, click on EMATCH and enter truck info.


Link to Meyer Snowplow Website, click on EZ-MATCH and enter truck info.


Uninstalled prices start at $3,800 for Residential plows and $4,700 for Commercial grade plows.

Call 610-775-3528 or 610-264-9777 (Lehigh Valley and Poconos) for pricing and availability.